A Nurse’s Perspective on the Value of ViSi Mobile System

Hear from a Northwest Medical Center nurse on how ViSi Mobile allows her to quickly measure patients’ vital signs, posture, and mobility without interrupting her patients’ sleep.  Northwest Medical Center in Margate, Florida, is a member of HCA East Florida and a Hospital of the Future.  

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Northwest Medical Center, ViSi Mobile System Featured on Public Service Show Dateline Health

HCA North Florida’s Northwest Medical Center (NWMC) was featured on Nova Southeastern University’s Dateline Health, a public service show focused on educating communities on healthcare.  NWMC is an early adopter of the ViSi Mobile System. 

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ViSi Mobile System featured in the CW’s SuperGirl

This season of SuperGirl will feature ViSi Mobile in the Department of Extra Normal Operations (DEO), where various characters including SuperGirl herself and J’onn J’onzz will have their vital signs and Kryptonite levels monitored.  Tune into Season 2 and see how ViSi Mobile is used.

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Northwest Medical Center’s Hospital of the Future features ViSi Mobile System

The ViSi Mobile System is one of the highlighted technologies in Northwest Medical Center’s (HCA East Florida) Hospital of the Future campaign. http://northwestmed.com/campaigns/hospital-of-the-future

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Johns Hopkins Presents Advancements in Failure to Rescue

At this year’s AAMI Foundation Regional Event September 27 & 28, presenters from leading institutions including Johns Hopkins Hospital will share innovative solutions to reduce failure to rescue events, decrease non-actionable clinical alarms and address key challenges to improving infusion therapy safety.  

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