HealthTrust Webinar Review From Presenters Sandra Emeott, RN, BSN, MBA & Joy Erched, MSN, RN of Northwest Medical Center

April 7, 2016 | Sotera Wireless

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of delivering an educational webinar on Continuous Surveillance Monitoring to over 100 nurses through HealthTrust University.  While surveillance is not a new concept in nursing, continuous surveillance has previously been difficult to achieve on the general floor.  With patient acuity increasing  and the drugs we administer getting more complex, it is time change the way we care for our patients.  Without appropriate tools, there are risks that patient deterioration can go undetected.  The concept of surveillance monitoring ensures that nurses have tools to detect deterioration at the earliest signs and can thus respond earlier.  This intervention may occur hours before or after a time of day scheduled for rounding.  In our webinar, we reviewed continuous surveillance monitoring case studies in which deterioration was detected  between spot check times and thus interventions were  possible hours earlier.

The objectives of the course were:

  1. Identify the elements of a culture of patient safety
  2. Describe surveillance monitoring
  3. Explain the aspects of surveillance monitoring parameters in general care unit patients
  4. Discuss nursing interpretation and management of surveillance monitoring data
  5. Describe nursing actions for alarm management

We appreciated the opportunity to share education as well as our experience with continuous surveillance monitoring on the general floor.  The success of initiatives of this scale take leadership at all levels.  Our nurses and administration stand behind the emerging standard of care and are proud to be leaders in patient safety.

For a recording of the webinar, please visit the HealthTrust Education website at http://education.healthtrustpg.com/calendar/continuous-vital-sign-surveillance-monitoring-for-general-care-unit-patients/.

Joy Erched, MSN, RN
Director, Advanced Clinical Applications
Northwest Medical Center

Sandra Emeott, RN, BSN, MBA
Chief Nursing Officer
Northwest Medical Center