Congratulations to the Community of Rapid Response Leaders

June 21, 2016 | Sotera Wireless

I’ve been reflecting on the impact surveillance monitoring has made and want to take a moment to congratulate the community.  Championing change is difficult, especially in a clinical setting.  This community has demonstrated success with metrics such as safer hospital environments and patient injuries avoided.

A recent AAMI Patient Safety Webinar featuring speakers from the Johns Hopkins highlighted such success.  Dr. Bradford Winters, Ph.D., M.D., FCCM and Sue Carol Verrillo, RN, MSN, CRRN are leaders in the Rapid Response community and strong champions for surveillance monitoring.  The outcomes of their ViSi Mobile System trial is inspiring for us all as we continue this journey.

Details of the Johns Hopkins trial with ViSi Mobile System are below:

Purpose was to demonstrate that continuous vital sign monitoring  can identify early, actionable signs of deterioration in adult,  postoperative inpatient, to prevent failure to rescue

Duration: 1/30/2016 – 3/8/2016

Alarms were routed from the ViSi Mobile System directly to clinicians via integration with Connexall

In 2015, the ward had 40% of the sudden cardiac deaths experienced across Johns Hopkins and a total of 32 rapid response calls

During the trial, ViSi Mobile System alerted staff to the following actionable early deterioration events:

3 pulmonary embolisms

2 new onset atrial fibrillation (Afib)

3 SIRS/sepsis

3 acute myocardial infarction

2 autonomic dysreflexia in paraplegic spine patients

Multiple hypertensive patients

Multiple sleep related disordered breathing

The evaluation found the alarm rate’s positive predictive value was 86%.  This was echoed in the staff feedback.  They were confident that when ViSi Mobile alarmed, it was a real event and they were able to intervene much earlier than they would with spot checks.  Overall they experienced a safer environment and improved clinician efficiency.

It is results such as these that make me reflect on the impressive progress our community has made on the mission to improve patient safety on the general floor.  Now, more than ever, an increasing number of hospitals have similar stories of success.  I am proud to be a part of this community.

For more information on the AAMI/Johns Hopkins webinar please visit this link: http://www.aami.org/PatientSafety/content.aspx?ItemNumber=2933&navItemNumber=3086.

Gary Manning
Vice President, Sales