A ‘smart watch’ for hospital patients

PLANO – Just two days after he came to the hospital in pretty bad condition with a ruptured spleen, we met LeRoy Johnson as he was about to meet his goal of a quick discharge after a speedy recovery. He believes the trick to his quick turnaround was all in the wrist. When he was admitted, Johnson was outfitted with what’s called a ViSi Mobile System, a gadget branded as the first body-worn monitor to accurately (and non-invasively) measure all core vital signs on a “beat-to-beat” basis. Read more at: http://www.wfaa.com/news/health/a-smart-watch-for-hospital-patients/121989408

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Patient Safety Campaign

Sotera Wireless, along with Joint Commission, Leapfrog Group, CDC, AAMI and others, recently participated in Mediaplanet’s Patient Safety campaign.

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Cedar Park Regional first in area to offer real-time patient monitoring

Cedar Park Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in the Greater Austin area to implement the use of the ViSi Mobile digital monitoring technology, a device that continuously monitors patients’ vitals. The device, about the size of the iPhone 5, is worn on the wrist and transmits patient information to clinicians whenever they need it. Read more at: http://www.hillcountrynews.com/news/article_8f677df0-7291-11e5-8f16-537b818f9e81.html

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Surveillance Monitoring: An Emerging Standard of Care

New technology is enabling continuous monitoring of all vital signs, even for non-ICU patients.  That means earlier detection and intervention  when a patient is in trouble, leading to  increased patient safety.     Technology like the ViSi Mobile System from Sotera Wireless offers all of the unique attributes required to support  hospitals and clinicians in achieving this emerging  standard of care. Read more at: http://www.24x7mag.com/2015/09/surveillance-monitoring-emerging-standard-care/

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Grandview Hospital- First hospital in Birmingham to Implement ViSi Mobile

In its effort to make the hospital experience “more pleasant” for its patients, as explained by Granger, Grandview will be the first hospital in Birmingham and only the second in the state to deploy the ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system with the goal to provide “enhanced patient safety, satisfaction and outcomes.” Read more at: http://www.otmj.com/grandview-medical-center-opens-oct-10-on-u-s-280/

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