January 12, 2009 | Sotera Wireless

Sotera Wireless, Inc. today announced that James Moon, a noted innovator in the development of patient monitoring systems, has been appointed chief technology officer. In this role, Moon will lead product development of the Company’s first hospital-grade patient monitoring system

Moon’s record of innovation spans 26 years. Most recently he was chief executive officer of LifeCom, Inc., where he played a key role in the development of artificial intelligence systems for medical diagnosis.

Moon initially established his reputation at SpaceLabs where he directed the development of the first ethernet based critical care monitoring system. In 1986 he founded and served as chief executive officer of Protocol Systems, Inc., which pioneered the development of portable patient monitoring systems that remain the industry standard today. The company, initially venture financed, became publicly traded in 1992 and was acquired by Welch Allyn in 2000. The Propaq® Monitor is still sold by Welch Allyn today.

Sotera Wireless is developing and will market the ViSi Rapid Response System, a wireless, continuous monitoring system for ambulatory patients. It will alert clinicians to early changes in vital signs that can signal deterioration in a patient’s condition. The Company plans to incorporate its proprietary continuous non-invasive blood pressure technology into the device and initiated clinical trials during December 2008.

“Jim Moon brings extensive experience in the patient monitoring field along with a record of successfully developing and commercializing innovative products,” said Tom Watlington, Sotera Wireless chief executive officer. “His addition strengthens our management team and will allow Matt Banet, our founder and chief scientific officer, to focus on research into novel sensing technologies, which will be a key to maintaining our technological advantage.”
“Patient vital signs can provide the first clue to adverse changes in a patient’s condition,” said Moon. “Sotera Wireless is on the leading edge of technology that has the potential to conveniently and cost-effectively enhance patient safety. I look forward to working with the Sotera Wireless management team to advance our vision.”

Moon has served on the Sotera Wireless board of directors since February 2008 but will leave the board to assume his new role. He has also served on the boards of other public and privately held companies. A past recipient of Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year for the Northwest region, Moon is active in entrepreneurial efforts and has served as chairman of the Oregon chapter of the American Electronics Association.

About Sotera Wireless, Inc.
Sotera Wireless is a medical device company dedicated to development, marketing and sale of a new generation of vital signs monitoring technology that will enhance patient safety without restricting freedom of movement either in the hospital or the home environment. The Company is backed by Qualcomm Ventures, Intel Capital, Sanderling Ventures and 3i Group. More information on the Company can be found at www.soterawireless.com.