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ViSi Mobile Utilized at Georgia COVID-19 Alternative Care Facility to Save Lives

ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system was utilized in three rounds of COVID-19 Alternative Care at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA to help save lives. San Diego, United States, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, a humanitarian medical services organization, chose ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system for use in their collaboration with the State of Georgia and Grady Memorial Hospital for the Atlanta, GA COVID-19 alternative response care facility. ViSi Mobile, from Sotera Wireless, is an advanced wireless patient monitoring solution that not only saves lives but is also greatly helping with staff shortages in the face of the pandemic.

Discussion About the Use of ViSi Mobile at RadboudUMC

To detect a patient's timely deterioration, Radboudumc has been using ViSi Mobile, a continuous monitoring system developed by Sotera Wireless, Inc., for some time. Whereas previously the nurse measured the five vital signs of the patient at fixed times, this is now done 24/7 by a small box on the wrist. Recently, with the help of #machine #learning techniques, the decline is detected early or even predicted up to hours in advance. In addition to improved patient safety, this also saves time for the nurses. For Zorg Enablers 2020, we spoke to Harry van Goor and SJH (Bas) Bredie, initiators of the ViSi Mobile project, about the increasing demand for continuous monitoring and its added value for the healthcare providers and patient. We talked at length about the challenges and developments during the pilot and implementation phase and what the upscaling goals are for the future. Read the full floor in ViSi Mobile below!

US Hospitals Utilize ViSi Mobile For Patient Surveillance in Face of COVID-19

San Diego-based Sotera Wireless is now actively deploying its ViSi Mobile® System, a wireless patient monitoring system that monitors all vital sign trends while keeping clinicians safe.

Are You Giving Your Patients The Healthcare They Deserve? Here Are 3 Ways To Improve Quality In 2021

As a healthcare provider, your patient is your business. You want to ensure that they are getting the treatment and care they need. When you deliver good healthcare to your patients, you position your facility for success. How? Expert care attracts more clientele! This is why delivering timely treatment and medication is vital to the success of any health institute. Delivering quality healthcare is not easy, but you already know this. And Covid-19 has probably put a wrench in your plans to make adjustments in this area.