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ViSi Mobile Patient Save: Casey's Story

Her blood pressure continued to drop, and a code had to be called within a few minutes because Casey had passed out. The nurses were able to monitor that on the ViSi and see how she was deteriorating, and they were able to catch it very quickly. Casey was roused and treated, and she was returned to surgery to correct post-op bleeding.

Sotera Hires New VP Of Global Sales and Marketing, Derek Sanz

The news of Mr. Sanz’s recruitment marks another step forward for the Carlsbad, CA-based makers of ViSi Mobile – an advanced patient-vital sign monitoring solution for healthcare facilities.

Sotera Wireless, Inc.'s ViSi Mobile Eases Clinical Workload with cNIBP

Carlsbad, California- (Newsfile Corp. - July 4, 2022) - Sotera Wireless, Inc.'s ViSi Mobile system eases clinical workflow, reduces charting, and reduces clinical burnout while supporting the clinical team to see a full view of the patient's health which leads to better patient outcomes. ViSi Mobile's cNIBP is revolutionary.

How Can Nursing Informatics Help With Patient Safety?

Nursing informatics professionals are, first and foremost, patient advocates. Patient safety is their number one priority, and they work with a diverse group of stakeholders across the care continuum to bridge the gap between clinical and technical perspectives.

ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Post Pie Troubleshooting

Controlling high blood pressure requires an understanding of your results, from Normal to Hypertensive Crisis, and being able to monitor the changes in your blood pressure is vital for your safety. It is slightly stressful to not obtain a blood pressure reading even when you've followed through all the steps, your pie is filled and there's still no displayed reading.

Curbing Nurse Burnout with ViSi Mobile

It is a statistical fact that patients are more likely to have better experiences when nurses are engaged, so it is important to provide them with the support they need to be fulfilled in their jobs.

Preventing Adverse Drug Events with ViSi Mobile

With the ViSi Mobile monitoring system with Life-Threatening Arrhythmia Detection, Fall Detection, and Posture notifications, bedside staff can be notified of patient deterioration related to an adverse drug event in real-time and prevent delayed treatment and associated additional patient harm.

Lethal Arrhythmia Detection: The Next Step in Surveillance Monitoring

Our goal is to help hospitals improve patient safety across the enterprise with minimum impact on the alarm burden and clinical workflow. If we can help nurses detect patient deterioration early enough, further complications can be avoided.

Sepsis Prevention with Sotera Wireless Visi Mobile Monitoring System

By integrating ViSi Mobile with your hospital’s other technology, alarms can also be sent to staff phones and data can be uploaded into patient electronic medical records. See how Sotera can help with continuous, real-time vital sign monitoring while minimizing patient disruption.

ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Pausing

When a patient is showering, traveling off of the unit, or being discharged, proper pause monitoring is needed. This is when vital signs monitoring needs to be stopped temporarily and you intend to restart monitoring the same patient with the same monitor. Monitoring may not be paused until the patient’s demographic data has been confirmed (on the Monitor) Here are a few things to guide you in Pausing, Resuming & Troubleshooting.