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ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Performing an EKG

The ViSi Mobile Monitoring System is intended for use by clinicians and medically qualified personnel for single or multi-parameter vital signs monitoring of adult patients (18 years or older). It is indicated for ECG (3 or 5 lead-wire) but it does not provide automated arrhythmia analysis. As a result, certain arrhythmias may cause the Monitor to display variable heart rates. If frequent arrhythmias are suspected, their presence should be confirmed by visual observation of the ECG waveform or another method, such as a 12-lead ECG.

ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - NIBP, cNIBP and Interval Modes

The ViSi Mobile has three BP modes: one-time, interval, and continuous. The Monitor will automatically default to NIBP mode depending on which sensors are connected. You only need to select an NIBP mode if you want to change the default.

ViSi Mobile Continuous Patient Monitoring System - Available in the Netherlands

As the pandemic continues to rage, we are proud to share that we are continuing to expand the reach of our life-saving technology with a new European deal for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Corrosion

Corrosion is most often caused by improper cleaning or drying of the devices. Corrosion is visible along the edge of the contacts. The greenish discoloration and white residue are indicators of corrosion. Nursing personnel are responsible for the cleaning of patient care equipment, abiding by manufacturer recommendations. Patient care equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, O2 saturation monitors, etc. are cleaned once daily or after patient use as indicated.

ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Radiology

If the patient’s vital signs are monitored with Visi Mobile, the chest sensor should be removed from the chest securements if it will interfere with the quality of imaging of chest CT scans, chest X-rays, etc. To remove, lift the chest sensor out of the chest securement. There is no need to remove the clear plastic securement from the patient’s chest or arm if you intend to add ViSi Mobile back onto the patient after their scan.

COVID-19 Surge Preparedness

Preparedness is not a new concept for hospitals and health systems, and it goes far beyond the walls of the hospital itself. Hospitals and health systems prepare for multiple different types of mass casualty incidents, including public health emergencies. 

New Report Shows Improved Rates of Diagnosis Utilizing Tech from Sotera Wireless

As personnel and funding shortages continue to increase pressure on healthcare services in a post-pandemic world, a new study published by the British Journal Of Anaesthesia suggests that ViSi Mobile remote patient surveillance technology holds the key to improved care and saving lives.

ViSi Tip - Transporting Patient Off of a Unit

Care delivered during transport and at the site of diagnostic testing or procedure should be equivalent to the level of care provided in the originating environment. Here are some tips to make the monitoring of the patient while utilizing ViSi Mobile, seamless. 

ViSi Mobile Monthly - August 2021

We've launched our first ViSi Mobile Newsletter with our August 2021 edition. Read More

ViSi Tip - Ambient Light

Ambient light occurs when an external light interferes with the optical sensor of a pulse oximeter. To prevent any issues with the ViSi Mobile thumb sensor, follow these steps.