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Continuous Physiological Monitoring Using ViSi Mobile Improves Patient Outcomes

The use of ViSi Mobile surveillance monitoring in the Quality Improvement Project at Mayo Clinic described in the American Journal of Nursing reduced Rapid Response Team activations, reduced Length of Stay for transfers to the ICU, and early detection and prevention of adverse events.

ViSi Mobile Utilized at Georgia COVID-19 Alternative Care Facility to Save Lives

ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system was utilized in three rounds of COVID-19 Alternative Care at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA to help save lives. San Diego, United States, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, a humanitarian medical services organization, chose ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system for use in their collaboration with the State of Georgia and Grady Memorial Hospital for the Atlanta, GA COVID-19 alternative response care facility. ViSi Mobile, from Sotera Wireless, is an advanced wireless patient monitoring solution that not only saves lives but is also greatly helping with staff shortages in the face of the pandemic.

US Hospitals Utilize ViSi Mobile For Patient Surveillance in Face of COVID-19

San Diego-based Sotera Wireless is now actively deploying its ViSi Mobile® System, a wireless patient monitoring system that monitors all vital sign trends while keeping clinicians safe.

ViSi Mobile Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring Even Better With Machine Learning

ViSi Mobile, used for non-invasive continuous vital signs monitoring, to identify early patient deterioration and prevent alarm fatigue is enhanced to now utilize advanced machine learning.

Dr. Devin McCombie leads biotech team to release newest clinical workflow update

The latest ViSi Mobile software update integrates machine learning with increased speed to continue to provide world-class surveillance monitoring which wirelessly communicates critical data to clinicians and identifies physiological deterioration before it becomes a life-threatening event.

Sotera Wireless and Premier

SOTERA WIRELESS AWARDED GROUP PURCHASING AGREEMENT WITH PREMIER INC. FOR VISI MOBILE SAN DIEGO, CA – Sotera Wireless, Inc. has been awarded a Breakthrough Technology group purchasing agreement with Premier Inc. in the Physiological Monitoring System Category.   Effective March 1, 2020, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier to purchase Sotera’s ViSi Mobile® System, which enables continuous surveillance monitoring of patients during their hospital stays. The agreement was facilitated by HealthCare Links, an outsourced Corporate Accounts company that works with disruptive suppliers who offer Providers better value and/or improved technologies.