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ViSi Mobile Allows Patient to Sleep Comfortably in Hospital



Sleep is a fundamental component of good health and recovery. When one is injured or sick, sleep is particularly important. However, a 2013 study found that hospital stays can actually disrupt sleep due to a number of factors including pain, anxiety, the timing of nursing tasks, and just the overall hospital environment. 

Patient comfort is now becoming a higher priority for hospitals, and for many reasons - it boosts patient satisfaction, improves recovery, and it is good for morale.

For example, at the University of Kansas Hospital, nursing staff spend time with patients before their stay to discuss measures that will help them feel more comfortable, such as bringing fuzzy socks from home and arranging to get a fan in the room. These touches, in some cases, really help make up for less-pleasant but unavoidable parts of hospitalization, according to an article from Fox 4 News.

Patients notice the effort, which benefits the hospital in several ways, including higher patient satisfaction scores that can translate to more revenue. 

According to Lauren Swinney, R.N., from Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, an emphasis on patient comfort and quality of life can improve patients' ability to tolerate medical treatments. Thus, the hospital's Palliative Care Team strives to ensure patients aren't unduly suffering from symptoms such as pain, nausea, fatigue, constipation, shortness of breath, insomnia, or depression.


Patient Comfort with ViSi Mobile

Sotera Wireless‘s ViSi Mobile System is designed to monitor vital signs of ambulatory patients in non-ICU clinical settings. The wrist-worn device works with a number of sensors that measure blood pressure, heart rate/pulse rate, SpO2, respiratory rate, skin temperature, and 3-lead or 5-lead ECG. All the data is sent over a standard (802.11) in-hospital wireless network to a central server for simultaneous real-time monitoring of all the patients on the floor using a Remote Viewer Display (RVD) computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The ViSi Mobile System is a platform designed to detect deterioration earlier and keep clinicians connected to their patients. The wearable sensors allow for freedom of movement while delivering highly accurate, continuous monitoring of core vital signs.

This patient, Anastasia Sant Augustine, shared her experience with ViSi Mobile at Palomar Medical Center where she was recovering after a car accident in San Diego, CA. She was able to sleep more comfortably because the system was able to monitor her vital signs wirelessly, and she was able to get the rest she needed to recover.


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