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ViSi Mobile is Comfortable (video)



Providing comfort in an ICU setting is often related to pain relief and end-of-life care. A study by Sepideh Olausson, et al., found that environmental factors are often neglected in intensive care units, despite the significant role of the environment on the patients' well-being and comfort. 

Most discomforts felt by ICU patients are related to their condition, but ICU design or how care is organized also can contribute. Aside from anxiety, noise, and feelings of restraint, the lack of privacy, as well as sleep disturbances, are among the most-cited sources of discomforts for patients. While most hospitals have already rolled out noise-reduction strategies, there are also new and more advanced ways to further the goal of improving patient comfort.

This patient shares his experience with ViSi Mobile on his wrist and thumb and describes how much more comfortable it is, reveling at how much more comfortable he feels just having his thumb free. It wirelessly monitors all of his vitals so that he can move more freely while continuously being monitored.

ViSi Mobile also bridges the gap between intermittent spot-checking outside the ICU and ICU intensive monitoring. With continuous surveillance monitoring of key vital signs, early recognition and detection of patient deterioration enables clinicians to make timely and effective interventions. Patients not only are more comfortable wearing ViSi Mobile, but they feel better-taken care of and don’t worry about any issues that could be missed in between standard vital sign recording. Especially during critical sleeping hours when patients need rest to regain their strength and heal. ViSi Mobile is good for the hospital, helpful to the clinicians, and more comfortable for patients.


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