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ViSi Mobile Monthly - August 2021


We've launched our first ViSi Mobile Newsletter with our August 2021 edition. You can view the full newsletter here

Here's the roundup:

Georgia COVID Relief

ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system was utilized in three rounds of COVID-19 Alternative Care at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA to help save lives. With the Delta variant on the rise, we wanted to share again. We're ready to help!

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ViSi Mobile Operational Plan

ViSi Mobile is now easier to procure than ever due to the new Operational Plan that allows facilities to utilize their operational budgets.

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ViSi Tip - Thumb Sensor

Proper placement of the thumb sensor is crucial to ensuring accuracy. Here are some tips and best practices in thumb sensor placement.

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Published Clinical Research - Continuous Physiological Monitoring Improves Patient Outcomes - Mayo Clinic

Background: General patient acuity is increasing in the United States, with more patients having multiple comorbidities and acute-on-chronic conditions. Hospitalizations may also be complicated by serious adverse events, often unrelated to the admitting medical diagnosis. In our facility, the late detection of patient deterioration on general medical units often resulted in increased length of stay (LOS) in the ICU and poor patient outcomes.

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