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ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Pausing

When a patient is showering, traveling off of the unit, or being discharged, proper pause monitoring is needed. This is when vital signs monitoring needs to be stopped temporarily and you intend to restart monitoring the same patient with the same monitor.

Monitoring may not be paused until the patient’s demographic data has been confirmed (on the Monitor) Here are a few things to guide you in Pausing, Resuming & Troubleshooting.



To Pause Monitoring

  1. With one finger, touch the Monitor screen for two seconds to activate the display. The Patient View screen appears
  2. Enter your PIN code if required. The Vital Signs screen appears.
  3. Touch Menu
  4. Touch Pause or Stop
  5. Once the Pause/Stop Monitoring process has been initiated, the alarms will be paused until the process is successfully completed or canceled
  6. Touch Confirm to confirm that you want to stop monitoring or Touch Cancel, If canceled, the program returns to the Menu screen and monitoring continues uninterrupted.


Once Pause Monitoring has been confirmed

  • Remove all the sensors from the Monitor and the patient: disconnect all sensors plugged into the ViSi wrist monitor. The monitor can be paused for up to 10 minutes without losing the cNIBP, preventing you from having to do any additional recalibration
  • Disconnect the thumb sensor and chest sensor from the monitor and the monitor will automatically pause
  • To remove the sensors from the Monitor, grasp the sensors near the plug, and while holding the Monitor firmly, pull out the plug
  • Do not remove paused session from RVD if monitoring is expected to be resumed on that patient


On Resuming

  • Monitoring may only be resumed using the same ViSi Mobile Monitor. If you place the ViSi Mobile Monitor into the Charger with other Monitors, label the Monitor so that is can be identified when monitoring is to be resumed


Misclicking Stop Monitoring or Improper Pause Monitoring Procedure

  • The “All Sensors Disconnected” screen will be displayed when the last sensor is disconnected from theViSi Mobile Monitor without going through the proper “Stop Monitoring” procedure.

  • To resume monitoring, connect the sensor(s) to restart monitoring. Monitoring will automatically continue
  • Enter your PIN code if required. The Clean Monitor screen appears.
  • Placing the ViSi Mobile Monitor into the Charger when the “All SensorsDisconnected” alert is displayed will result in the patient’s monitoring session being stopped. It is recommended that you follow the correct stop/pause monitoring flows.


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