ViSi Mobile at Premier Point Ambulatory Infusion Center

Our facility is fully-equipped with the latest in advanced technology monitoring and communication devices to ensure patients receive optimum care with minimal discomfort including: ViSi mobile for continuous monitoring of patients’ vitals to reduce adverse events through early recognition of deteriorations Read more at: http://www.premierpointinfusion.com/medical-provider/elevating-standards.html

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Grandview Medical Center offers first glimpse inside

As the staff of Trinity Medical Center count down to the day they transition to the new Grandview facility, media were invited to take a first look inside the hospital. Grandview will be using Visi Mobile, a body-worn device that constantly monitors a patient’s vital signs. Granger said they used the equipment in a test run at Trinity and felt that the round-the-clock monitoring, with data being sent directly to nurses and the patient’s records, can do a lot to make patients safer and more comfortable without being in the ICU. Read more at: http://280living.com/news/grandview-tour914/

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ANIA Southern California Chapter: Annual Meeting

Join us while we discuss trends in mobile technology with” Guest speaker: Rosemary Kennedy, PhD, RN, MBA, FAAN from Sotera Wireless http://community.ania.org/socal/home

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HCA Hospital: Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital Among First To Use Unique Monitoring Device

San Antonio has a new device in town that will allow patients and nurses to have a smoother yet organized experience at the hospital. The Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, located in the medical center, is among the first hospitals in the United States to use a wireless monitoring system to improve patient care, comfort and safety. The new device, called the Visi Mobile system is designed to allow patients to have a better rest at their stay. Read more at: http://www.laprensasa.com/1644_headline-news/3327787_s-a-hospital-among-first-to-use-unique-monitoring-device.html      

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